More and more businesses are moving their operations to the cloud. And it makes perfect sense. Cloud computing offers exceptional flexibility, scalability, and agility. Employees can work from anywhere at any time, and productivity can soar. But all those benefits bring risk too. While cloud providers are responsible for safeguarding the infrastructure itself, they aren’t responsible for your data. To operate securely, you need to protect users from hidden threats, restrict the use of unapproved apps, prevent data loss, ensure all users are authorised, and maintain a secure data backup.

Web Security Services

Up to 22 website visits per organisation per week are likely to be deemed risky or malicious. And as threats can hide in plain sight on legitimate websites or in pop-up ads, relying on your employees to know when not to click is never enough. To safeguard your business, you need a layered security approach. Cloud-enabled web security services offer advanced capabilities such as a secure web gateway, anti-virus scanning and data loss prevention so you are protected from threats and remain compliant at all times.

Cloud Services Access

On average, businesses use almost 2,000 cloud applications. While some of these are approved, others are used under the radar without any security controls in place. Gaining visibility of such a huge number of applications is a mammoth task for your IT team. A Cloud Access Security Broker leverages the power of machine learning technology to provide real-time data, actionable insights and intuitive controls. By seeing the whole picture, you can identify risky applications and prevent the use of unsanctioned apps.

Data Loss Prevention

As businesses use more cloud-based applications, the risk of data loss has changed. Employees work from multiple locations and can access corporate files at any time. And they aren’t always using approved services. It’s vital for businesses to re-evaluate data governance to protect data both inside and outside of the network perimeter. Data loss prevention (DLP) solutions help control data flow between the corporate network, the cloud and all endpoints. With visibility through a single dashboard, you can find data loss blind spots in both sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud apps and keep your data safe.

Cloud Authentication and Identity

Almost two-thirds of companies still don’t use multi-factor authentication, but single passwords just aren’t enough. While users can be educated, there is no way to guarantee the same passwords aren’t being used for multiple applications. By centralising cloud authentication and identity with single sign-on multi-factor authentication, you can ensure passwords are as strong as they can be while giving users quick access to their applications.

Data Backup

While cloud providers offer infrastructure security, they only provide a partial solution. In fact, most vendors clearly point out that security is a shared responsibility. That means you are responsible for protecting your business-critical data and ensuring compliance. To bridge the gap, SaaS backup solutions provide secure and scalable data protection across your entire Office 365 or CRM environment and beyond. So, no matter what happens, you can access and restore your data with a single click.

Secure Office 365

If your business uses Office 365, you are not alone. Office 365 is used by over 1.5 million companies across the globe. But, Microsoft’s popularity also makes it a prime target with many brand spoofed phishing attacks using the Microsoft name. While the service offers native security controls, you need to do more than protect inbound messages. By adopting a comprehensive approach, you can detect compromised accounts, ensure data is discoverable and meet compliance requirements.

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