For any cybersecurity strategy to be successful, it must cover three key areas: technology, processes and people. And, as attacks have become more sophisticated, the role of people in the equation is more important than ever. While attacks using techniques such as social engineering can evade your defences, if your employees are aware of what to look out for, they can add a vital layer to your security. Our security awareness services can help you raise cybersecurity awareness across your organisation and promote a safety culture. 

The Changing Security Landscape

Keeping up with ever-changing, advanced and targeted attacks is challenging for every business. And, with new ways of working and more employees working from home than ever before, this has become even more difficult. A staggering 90% of people can’t identify a well-crafted phishing email from a legitimate one. As the new work-from-home workforce becomes a primary target for cybercriminals, creating awareness among your employees is critical.

Our Security Awareness Program

To create awareness among your workforce, you need a program of services that can keep security front of mind. Our security awareness services combine simulations, videos and training to both educate your employees and test their knowledge. We collaborate with you to create a tailored set of activities that can help you gain insights, create a security awareness program and reduce business risk.

Engaging Your People

Security isn’t always the most exciting subject, which is why engaging content is key to driving the message home. Our live-action, interactive security awareness videos illustrate what would happen in a real attack and let your employees understand how their actions can mitigate risk. We place your employees in realistic scenarios and then give them the strategies and tactics they need to change the outcome.

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Solving complex cybersecurity challenges comes with some serious business benefits.

To win the cybersecurity battle and protect your business, you need to connect next-generation technologies with business policies to create a robust security ecosystem. It’s no mean feat, but with the right support, your business can thrive.

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