The Risk of Human Error

Many of today’s sophisticated attacks are aimed directly at the weaknesses in human nature. In fact, human error is now the cause of 38% of data breaches. And as more people work from home and access company resources through personal devices and networks, the risk only increases. Ultimately, if your employees are naive about cybersecurity, it could be one of your biggest vulnerabilities.

Why cybersecurity training falls short

Cybersecurity can be a difficult subject to make interesting. If your employees yawn their way through lengthy videos, the chances are that little information will filter through. What’s more, cybersecurity awareness is often seen as a thing or an event, something to be completed in order to carry on with the day job. The problem with this approach is that lessons learned can be quickly forgotten and old habits resumed.

The Benefits of working with InfoTrust

A set-it and forget-it mentally won’t cut it when it comes to cybersecurity awareness. Instead of static and stale projects, your business needs informative, innovative and interactive programs. By working with a cybersecurity consultant, you can build relevant, tailored programs, improve engagement and promote a culture where security sinks in.

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Solving complex cybersecurity challenges comes with some serious business benefits.

To win the cybersecurity battle and protect your business, you need to connect next-generation technologies with business policies to create a robust security ecosystem. It’s no mean feat, but with the right support, your business can thrive.

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