Compliance is all about conforming to rules, whether they are policies, standards or laws. However, the goal of regulatory compliance is difficult to achieve. Regulations are often complex in nature and are ever-changing. But, to avoid considerable fines, keep data safe and demonstrate transparency, regulatory compliance is something that every business should strive for.

Regulations and Standards

Cybersecurity regulations and standards that apply to your business will be directly dependent on the industry that you operate in. However, there are also several regulations that span industries and geographical boundaries, some of which are mandatory and others voluntary, and all of which are subject to change. Some of the most notable regulations include:

  • Essential 8 - an Australian risk management framework comprising eight mitigation strategies to help form a baseline of protection.
  • ISO - a set of standards that act as a framework of best practices to help businesses improve their information security.
  • NIST - a set of controls and balances to help operators of critical infrastructure manage cybersecurity risk.
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - a regulation aimed at improving privacy laws in Europe.
  • HIPPA - a regulation to enforce security to protect Personal Health Information (PHI).
  • Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standards (PCI - DSS) - a globally-recognised set of guidelines that govern how you should handle credit card information.

Why compliance is so important

Rules and regulations aim to safeguard data and systems and address privacy and security concerns, which means that complying makes sound business sense. By implementing the necessary programs and processes, you can reduce risk to both your business and your customers. And by showing that you care about protecting customer data, you can build upon your reputation and win more business. What’s more, while not all regulations are mandatory, those that are come with hefty fines for non-compliance.

The benefits of working with InfoTrust

Overseeing business operations to ensure you’re aligned with industry and other regulations requires significant resources. And it’s not a one-off task; the regulatory environment is always changing, which means you need to continually monitor your efforts. By working with us, you can benefit from years of experience, get invaluable advice and ensure your business remains secure and compliant at all times.

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