The Rise in Ransomware

Ransomware is big business to cybercriminals and has been used for years to. However, far from old-fashioned, it has also evolved with the times. Robust encryption algorithms, social engineering tactics that prey on the weaknesses in human nature and new attack vectors make ransomware harder than ever to detect, prevent or reverse. With over two-thirds of Australian businesses targeted every year, the risk is enormous.

The Business Risk

If your business falls victim to a ransomware attack, it can have huge implications. Firstly, the ransom itself is likely to be well over AU$1 million. However, paying up won’t solve your problems. You might not get your files back, and they could be corrupted or publicly shared. All that you can guarantee is that you will set yourself up as an ongoing target. Meanwhile, you risk serious financial loss, reputational damage and legal fines.

Your Defence Strategy

When it comes to defending against ransomware attacks, there are three key steps that every business needs to take:

  1. Defence in depth - the next-generation security controls to defend each attack vector and endpoint, combined with data loss prevention policies and user awareness.
  2. Secure backups - the ability to restore lost data and files, ensuring business-critical data is always accessible without having to give in to ransom demands.
  3. Incident response - the detailed plan of how to respond in the event of an attack, enabling you to quickly restore data, reduce downtime and minimise the impact.

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To win the cybersecurity battle and protect your business, you need to connect next-generation technologies with business policies to create a robust security ecosystem. It’s no mean feat, but with the right support, your business can thrive.

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